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** Section II - Pilot Fees - Effective 7-13-19  **

** Section I - Security Surcharge Fees - Effective 10-1-19  **



Section I: Rules and Regulations

001 Gulf Seaports Marine Terminal Conference
005 Tariff & Jurisdiction
010 Description of the Harbor
015 Application and Interpretation of Tariff
020 Environmental Notice
025 Licenses and Bonds
030 Privilege Licenses and Fees
035 Penalties for Failure to Obtain License or Employ Unlicensed Persons
040 Trespassers Subject to Fines and Imprisonment
045 Damage to Property of the Port Authority
050 Liability for Damages and Violations
055 Responsibility for Payment of Charges
060 Payment of Charges
065 Cargo Statements Required- Access to Records
070 Arrangements for Berth, Sheddage, Marginal Track Use, Mooring
075 Vacating of Berths
080 Requirement of Vessels to Work Overtime
082 Port Security
084 Security Surcharge
085 Dockage Charges
090 Harbor Fees
095 Cleanliness of Premises
100 Cleanup After Each Vessel
105 Vessel Watchmen or Officer on Board
110 Port Watchman
115 Theft of Cargo From Port Premises Prosecution Therefore
120 Fire Fighting Apparatus
125 Indemnification of Jackson County Port Authority
130 Insurance
135 Explosives, Hazardous and Dangerous Articles
140 No: Smoking, Fires, Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs, or Weapons
145 Assignment of Facility Space
150 Freight or Cargo Likely to Damage Other Freight or Cargo
155 Maximum Loading on Floors and Maximum Height of Piling or Stacking
160 Machinery, Equipment, and Vehicles on Port Authority Terminals
165 Cleaning and Repairing Equipment
170 Wharf Obstruction- Stevedores Equipment on Dock
175 Rental or Lease of Space
180 Arrangements for Electric Power
185 Stevedoring
190 Stevedores/Terminal Operators and Cargo Handlers to Perform Loading, Unloading and Terminal Services
195 Stevedoring/Terminal Use Charges
200 Intraterminal Railcar Placement
205 Fresh Water
210 Charges for Miscellaneous Services
215 Weighing of Trucks
220 Trans-Shipped Cargo From or to Other Ports
225 Wharfage Charges - Application of
230 Volume Incentive Rates
235 Free Time
240 Condition on Which Cargo May Remain After Expiration of Free Time
245 Wharf Demurrage
247 Cargo Damaged by Fire, Flood, Etc, While On Port Premises

Section II: Harbor Rules

400 Harbor Authority
405 Pilots
410 Pilotage Regulations
415 Pilot Fees
420 Pilot Liability
425 Pilot "Carry-Away" Charges
430 Barge Regulations
435 Tugs
440 Calibrating Compass
445 Linesmen for Mooring and Unmooring
450 Ignorance of Rules and Regulations
455 Resisting or Opposing the Harbormaster
460 Reporting Arrival
465 Anchors
470 Operations within Harbor Limits
475 Securing Vessels
480 Berthing at Wharves - Two Abreast
485 Harbormaster's Right to Move Vessels
490 Channel Obstruction
495 Collisions
500 Fire Signal
505 Discharging of Oils, and Other Matters Into Waterways or Onto Docks
510 Discharge of Ballast, Dunnage, Garbage
515 Pollution and Nuisance-Discharging of Smoke or Fumes
520 Pollution Penalty
525 Abandonment of Vessels
530 Submerged Vessels
535 Shifting Vessels
540 Demurrage on Vessels
545 Display of Lights
550 Speed Limit
555 Repairs, Cutting, Welding, Construction
560 Restrictions
565 Security Calls

Section III: Definitions, Abbreviations and Reference Marks

Section IV: Wharfage Generally Applicable to Cargo

Section V: Handling Charges Generally Applicable to Cargo


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