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Public Terminals & Inland Transportation

The Port of Pascagoula’s transportation infrastructure provides for efficient inland movement of cargo.

Public Terminals

West Harbor – Pascagoula River – Terminals A, B, C, D and South Terminal
Our West Harbor Terminals offer 436,000 sq. ft. of covered storage and extensive open storage adjacent to the wharves.


Terminal A
530 ft. berth • 121,900 sq. ft. open wharf

Transit Warehouse A2
52,500 sq. ft.

Terminal B
544 ft. x 30 ft. wharf

Transit Warehouse B1
78,120 sq. ft.

Back-up Transit Warehouse B2
68,000 sq. ft.

Terminal C
718 ft. x 187 ft. open wharf

Terminal D
732 ft. x 70 ft. wharf

Transit Warehouse D1
63,600 sq. ft.

Transit Warehouse D2
96,000 sq. ft

South Terminal
825 ft x 90 ft wharf
50+ acres

East Harbor – Bayou Casotte – Terminals E, F, G, H

Our Bayou Casotte docks are supported by a 175,000 transit shed at Terminals G and H.
Storage in the Bayou Casotte Harbor includes over 250,000 sq. ft. of paved open storage and over 10 acres of unpaved open storage.


Terminal E
517 ft. x 37 ft. wharf

Terminal F
737 ft. x 55 ft. wharf

Marginal rail track at Terminal F

Terminal G
516 ft. x 60 ft. wharf

Terminal H
556 ft. x 35 ft. wharf

Transit Warehouse
175,000 sq. ft.
(Supports Terminals G and H)

695 ft. x 120 ft. wharf
15 ft. depth


Inland Transportation


Pascagoula rail service begins at the terminals of the Pascagoula River and Bayou Casotte Harbors affording efficient port-rail connections. Pascagoula rail service links are the CSXT direct and access to the Canadian National Railroad via the shortline carrier Mississippi Export Railroad.


The Port of Pascagoula is centrally located and benefits from an extensive highway transit system. Shippers enjoy, uncongested, easy access to Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway systems.