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About The PORT


The mission of the Jackson County Port Authority is to acquire, develop and manage assets as necessary to build and sustain a world-class, multi use industrial port; and to encourage and support industrial and private industry in Jackson County.

The Port of Pascagoula

The Port of Pascagoula, located on the southeastern coast of Mississippi is a full-service deep water port with modern facilities for handling cargo from around the world. The Port’s two harbors include a combination of public and private terminals handling in excess of 32 million tons of cargo through the channel annually. The Port is the largest seaport in Mississippi, and ranks nationally in the top 20 ports in foreign cargo volume.
Our location is naturally advantageous to importers, exporters and carriers shipping via the Gulf of Mexico. Our port is equipped with the facilities, technology and manpower to efficiently handle a wide variety of cargoes.


Attractive features include:

42 ft deep channels
Short distance to shipping lanes – 2 hours pilotage
Weather protected rail operations
Extremely competitive rates and flexible labor force